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Pleasanton Party 16.08.2014
Fond Farewell to Travel! 14.08.2014
Bewitching Salem 13.08.2014
Rhymes With De Young... 12.08.2014
Kate, Pat and the Funky Bunch 11.08.2014
We'll Make A Brand New Start Of It, In Old New York 09.08.2014
Ultra Modern Art, Or Emergency Exits? 07.08.2014
Spotted: Kate and Pat Skulking on the Upper East Side 06.08.2014
A Day At The Museum 06.08.2014
PSA: Always Watch Where You're Walking 05.08.2014
New York, New York, It's a Hell of a Town 04.08.2014
Unlikely Things to Say on a Holiday... 03.08.2014
Creepy Rabbits and Stepping Into The Third Dimension 02.08.2014
An Introduction to American Government 01.08.2014
The Smithsonian: Now With More Locations! 31.07.2014
Strolling Through DC 30.07.2014
Sleep Till You're Hungry. Eat Till You're Sleepy. 29.07.2014
Typical Day in Austin 28.07.2014
Hey Mike, We're Back! 27.07.2014
Willkommen Y'all! 26.07.2014
Blown Away By Lubbock 25.07.2014
Lovely Day in Santa Fe 23.07.2014
Never Would Have Thought Rocks Could Be So Interesting! 22.07.2014
Meteor Crater?!?!? 21.07.2014
Spaceship - That's Right: A Freaking SPACESHIP! 20.07.2014
Whirlwind Finale in Rio 05.07.2014
Rollin' Round Rio 01.07.2014
Getting Over The Jungle Fever 29.06.2014
With Just An Oar, A Machete And Our Two Week Program... 27.06.2014
Welcome To The Jungle, We've Got Lots of Rain 26.06.2014
Amazon Day Two: Native Village and Fishing 25.06.2014
Misinformation, Confusion, And Boat Rides Galore 24.06.2014
Melting Away In Manaus 23.06.2014
Flight After Flight After Flight 21.06.2014
Game On Recife 20.06.2014
Vibrant Art, Giant Crossdressers and Electric Jesus 19.06.2014
Karma Police 18.06.2014
Our World Cup Kick Off! 16.06.2014
Failure to Launch in Natal 15.06.2014
Ain't No River Wide Enough 13.06.2014
Armies Of Tapiers And A Xena Doppleganger 13.06.2014
A Million Photos Of Buenos Aires! 10.06.2014
Street Party To Say Goodbye, Steak Lunch To Say Hello 09.06.2014
Machu Picchu- Beds for Hundreds; Toilet for One 07.06.2014
Inca Trail Day Four- Phuyupatamarca to a Real Bed!! 06.06.2014
Inca Trail Day Three- Pacaymayo to Phuyupatamarca 05.06.2014
Inca Trail Day Two- Huayllabamba to Pacaymayo 04.06.2014
Inca Trail Day One- Piscacucho to Huallyabamba 03.06.2014
It's The Final Countdown! 02.06.2014
We'll Huff and We'll Puff and We'll Probably Pass Out! 01.06.2014
Peruvian Gridlock Putting LA To Shame 30.05.2014
Another Brush With The Law 28.05.2014
Siestas and Steaks 27.05.2014
Enough Hikes- Time To Train For Football Fever 25.05.2014
Dangerous Times For Pat and Kate 22.05.2014
Theatrical Farewell To France 18.05.2014
Failures in Exercise, Successes in Drinking 16.05.2014
Missing Turns and Connections 13.05.2014
Cinque Terre Coastal Path: Closed For Your Convenience 11.05.2014
Farewell to Florence 09.05.2014
Following In Ezio's Footsteps 07.05.2014
A Rainy Day in Pompeii 04.05.2014
Arrivederci Roma, Buongiorno Napoli 02.05.2014
Looking For Pics Of The Sistine Chapel? You're Out Of Luck 30.04.2014
An Unplanned Jaunt Through Rome 29.04.2014
The Pope Or Not The Pope- That Is The Question... 28.04.2014
So Long And Thanks For All The Kebabs 27.04.2014
Roman Walls Are A Dime A Dozen 26.04.2014
Unpleasant Truths About Jasmine's Dad 24.04.2014
Tramping Through The Tulips 23.04.2014
Cute Cats and Comfortless Kangaroos 22.04.2014
Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland 21.04.2014
The Hills Are Alive...! 19.04.2014
Bavarian Kings and Their Toys 17.04.2014
No Doorbells or Sleigh Bells, Yes Schnitzel With Noodles 16.04.2014
Last Day in Paris! Rats. 14.04.2014
Eiffel Tower 2, Kate and Pat 1. We're Calling it a Win 13.04.2014
The Other Adelaide 12.04.2014
Modern Art of the 15th Century 11.04.2014
So Fenchy So Chic 10.04.2014
Something Something London. Something Something Not China! 09.04.2014
The Case of the Missing Knife 05.04.2014
China Fatigue 03.04.2014
Note: Confirmation Email Does Not Imply Confirmation 02.04.2014
Kate and Pat's Run In With The Law 01.04.2014
Great Wall Still Coming In Handy 31.03.2014
Dumplings for Breakfast! 30.03.2014
Can You Pass the Tweezers? I'm Going To Go Weed the Garden. 28.03.2014
Forever a Fortnight Too Early 27.03.2014
Rain Rain Go Away 26.03.2014
Kyoto - Japan's Adelaide 25.03.2014
You Harajuku Girls, Damn You've Got Some Wicked Style 24.03.2014
Beer and Raw Fish- The Breakfast of Champions 22.03.2014
Konnichiwa Tokyo! 21.03.2014
The Most Scenic Bay in Vietnam... When you can see it 20.03.2014
Kate and Pat Eat Hanoi - Part 2 16.03.2014
Kate and Pat Eat Hanoi 15.03.2014
Landmine Disarming Kit- Thongs, Boardies, Pliers and a Stick 14.03.2014
In the Footsteps of Lara Croft (and millions of tourists) 12.03.2014
Killing Fields and Genocide Museum 10.03.2014
What A Load of Rubbish 09.03.2014
Floating the Day Away 07.03.2014
What what? 06.03.2014
Our VIP Experience 05.03.2014
Pat's Reckless Abandon Catches Up With Him 04.03.2014
Walt Disney Presents: The Orange Genies 03.03.2014
Limping Through Luang Prabang 02.03.2014
Trekking (Not Quite) 100 Waterfalls 28.02.2014
Hike Up to the Viewpoint 27.02.2014
Minibus From Hell 26.02.2014
Peer Pressure and Binge Drinking in a Lao Village 25.02.2014
Bless the French 24.02.2014
Batman and Buddhism 23.02.2014
Our Cooking Was the Real Hero of the Dish 22.02.2014
Temples, Buddhas, and a Few Hundred Stairs 21.02.2014
Back to reality 20.02.2014
Exquisite Escape 20.02.2014
Anarchic Airports 15.02.2014
Perfect Valentines Day in Bagan 14.02.2014
Wrong turns in the desert 13.02.2014
12th Feb Part One- Airports 12.02.2014
12th Feb Part Two- Temples temples pagodas temples 12.02.2014
Instagram Celebrities 11.02.2014
It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Asia... 10.02.2014
Traffic 09.02.2014
Suicidal boat and lessons in dentistry 08.02.2014
Today's lesson: Lanyard =/= Trustworthy 07.02.2014
Upgrade: Denied! 06.02.2014